Soy Sauce Chicken was said to been created over a hundred years ago in Guangdong Province, China by a Master Chef from out of town.

Ho Fook Hei follows a time-honored family recipe, where farm-fresh chickens are skillfully poached in an aged Master Soy Stock flavoured with a secret blend of traditional Chinese herbs and natural spices. The result is our famed Soy Sauce Chicken that is tender and succulent to the bone with a distinctive aromatic rose-wine fragrance, and glistening, amber-colored skin.

The old Cantonese saying goes, “无鸡不成宴“- meaning no banquet is complete without a chicken. Today, we have 3 outlets across Singapore, located at Great World City, Republic Plaza and Suntec City Mall.

So, make your celebrations whole today with our delectable Ho Fook Hei Soy Sauce Chicken! 

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